为了方便大家,今年学校开通Paypal 网上支付,可以直接使用Paypal账户支付,也可以通过Paypal使用自己的信用卡支付:
1.登录家庭账户,必须以账户持有人(Primary Account Holder ,不是家庭成员)身份登录
2.点击“My Family /我的家庭”标签,然后点击“Enrollment /注册”标签
3. 如果您有申请华社会员,注册课程后请等待至多10个工作日,确认学校已经更新了您的华社会员身份CCC membership,看到学费的折扣价之后,请准备好您的信用卡。如果没有申请华社会员,请直接进行下一步
4.点击“Paypal”(位于“Get Payment Slip”图标附近),然后按照屏幕上的说明完成付款流程。

Dear all,

If you registered Chinese School courses by 6/18 and you are CCC member, please note your CCC membership discount has been applied to your school account. Please check and make payment.

Tuition can now be paid by credit card online through Paypal
1. Log in family account as account holder (primary account holder, not family members)
2. Click "My Family" tab, then "Enrollment" tab
3. If you applied CCC membership, please wait up to 10 days to make sure your CCC membership discount has been applied, then have your credit card ready. If you don’t want to apply CCC membership, please skip step 3 and go to next step
4. Click "Paypal" (which is located near "Get Payment Slip" icon) and follow instructions onscreen to complete payment process.
5. Once the payment is processed, you will receive a receipt by email if you have a valid email address on file as account holder.





1. 如果您希望享受学费折扣价格,请先登陆https://www.cccalbany.org/ ,注册成为华社会员,此会员身份需要每年更新。然后登陆中文学校网站http://dreamschool.com/albany/ 进行课程注册。

2. 今年学校网站支持PayPal网上支付,请注意必须以Primary account holder 身份登录才可以使用PayPal支付。课程注册后,请等待至多10个工作日,看到学费折扣价之后,使用PayPal 或者您自己的信用卡完成网上支付,具体内容详见:http://dreamschool.com/albany/node/3543

3. 数学班报名说明请见下一封电邮。

4. 参加成人班英语和健身课程的家长,即使是免费课程,也请完成网上报名,否则没有保险保护。

Dear students and parents,

The Chinese school online registration for the 2017-2018 will open today for all returning and new students.

1.If you would like to enjoy the discounted tuition fees, please click https://www.cccalbany.org/ and register a CCC membership first. This membership must be renewed annually. And log on to the Chinese school website http://dreamschool.com/albany/ for course registration. See details: http://dreamschool.com/albany/node/3503

2.The tuition can be paid by credit card online through Paypal, see details: http://dreamschool.com/albany/node/3543

3.Please see the next email for the enrollment of math classes.

4.For the parents who participate in adult classes, please complete the online registration, otherwise the school insurance may not cover you.


Math Classes

Dear students and parents,

2017-18 Chinese School Math classes will open for registration till June 23rd 2017. We highly suggest parents talking with your students first before you signing any math class. We would like to take in students who really like mathematics and enjoy the challenges from solving math problems.

- 每个数学班接受30名学生注册报名,但只挑选10名学生。Each math class will open registration up to 30 students, and then select 10 kids for each class.

- 陆群老师会电邮通知安排低年级数学班报名学生6月24号或25号面试。For the high level math class, we will send out self assessment test after you register the class. We may interview our low level math class student.

- 面试之后,陆群老师会在7/5之前电邮通知是否被挑选进入数学班,没有被选进的学生,请登陆中文学校网站重新注册别的课程。Teacher Lu will email and inform whether you have been selected into math classes by 7/5. If you are not been selected, please login in Chinese school website and register other classes.

Here are classes we will offer next year:

AMC 10 class - this class will be invitational, we will invite some of students to this high level math class. If your student have been attended AMC last year and scored well on the test, please let me know.

SAT math class - this class will help student prepare their SAT math test, particular those who want to take SAT for CTY camps.

Debate class - debate is a class in which students learn formats for debate, interpreting resolutions, developing affirmative and negative case constructions, cross-examinations, and evaluating arguments. We will take grade 5 to Grade 8 students for this class.

MathCounts class - this class will help students preparing mathcounts competition. We will take grade 4 to 6 students for this class.

Math class 3 - this class will take 3rd grade students. Students who want to register this class should have abilities to do all the basic calculations - adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Here are some topics we will cover- Angles, Triangles, Polyominoes,  Skip-Counting, The Commutative Property, Multiplying Big Numbers,  The Associative Property and Perfect Squares etc.

Math class 2 - this class will take 2nd grade students. Students who want to register this class should have abilities to do adding, subtracting and multiplying. Since most of local school districts will start their CogAT test at late second grade and early third grade, we will cover some of those materials in this class. (The Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT Test) is a gifted screening test used by many school districts to qualify children for their gifted and talented programs. )

Math class 1 - this class will take first grade students. Students who want to register this class should have abilities to do counting, basic adding and subtracting. We will emphasize math basic skills and logical skills in this class.

All of those classes will have take 10 students. Please talk with your kid, and help them to pick right class for their level and also fit their interests. Thank you so much for all your support.






CCC 8th Annual Health Fair on Sunday April 9, 2017, 11am-3pm

2017首府春节晚会 Amazing China: New Year Spectacular

[CCC_Infoline] we offer 2017 Winter classes:

CAEP_registration_form_2017 Winter.pdf


时间:2016 年11 月6 日星期天 1:00PM – 4:00PM 
地点:华社, 11 Avis Dr. Latham, NY 12110

[CCC_Infoline] CCC Flu Clinic- Sunday Oct 2

@all. 华社一年一度的流感預防注射就在下个星期日,十月二日。早上11点到下午三点。地点在中文学校。18岁或18岁以上。只提供100 剂。请大家告诉大家。

45th Annual Festival of Nations Announcement

The 45th “Festival of Nations” of the New York Capital District http://festivalofnations.net/ will be celebrated on Sunday, October, 23rd from 12:00-5:00pm at “Empire State Plaza” Albany, New York.

There are so much for you and your family to enjoy! Please come to join and support us. Admission ticket price: Adults $5; Children (3-12) $2.
Please contact:
Jianzhong Tang at 607-765-3079; or 518-489-4427. Or email: Liu.family1@gmail.com.
Or: CCC marketing department: marketing@cccalbany.org, or wechat: Giant20162017.


Seminar - EQ and Child Education 怎样培育高情商的孩子?


第十七届世界华人学生作文大赛截稿日为12月31日, 所有参赛习作必须在12月6日前由各班老师统一交给参赛组织者何沈文老师。详情请见附件




《纽约首府中文学校学生作文集八年级二班》 已出版